Pixie, Pixie

Little Elf
Pixie Ornament

Pixie is a spritely thing with a jumble of arms and legs. Her goals are to get more tattoos and apply for a  job at Macy’s New York as a Santa’s Elf.  Hopefully her pointed ears, perky disposition and a heart two sizes too big will make her a shoo in. If the job doesn’t work out, she supposes she’ll just hang around as she is designed to do.

Pixie is made with polymer clay, the page of an old book and modge podge. She has a blue crystal in her heart and rhinestone beads on her neck for she loves her bling. Acrylic and alcohol inks create her coloring. Wire holds her together and is used for her bracelets. Pixie is 7″ from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

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