Ever See A Purple Cow?

Ever See A Purple Cow?

This is Little Jean. Her purple spots make her unique among cows.

In real life Little Jean owned a dairy farm. The farm was my favorite place to explore. Not only were there cows but chickens, cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and an occasional pig or two. Despite their size cows are the gentlest, sweetest, and most intelligent of creatures.

Little Jean is made with a foil armature covered with Premo. She has matchstick legs and alcohol inks for her spots.

Many years later I’m hanging with one of the Holsteins at the Great Allentown Fair.

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  1. Loving the cow – she’s adorable. I feel sorry for her on those little legs. Keep up the good work!

    • She doesn’t mind stick legs. She heard about that O’Leary cow and did not want to cause the great Center Valley fire of 2016.

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