Elephants (click here)

I love making elephants. My first elephant is Florence. Florence is named for my grandmother who carried the countenance of a wise, sweet and mighty woman. The grandkids always felt protected and safe when Gramme was nearby. Googley Eyes Elephant is my take on a circus elephant. He was fun to create. His big eyes come from his surprise of looking at the circus audience looking back at him. Along came Waltzing Matilda all dressed up for the Pachyderm Ball. Matilda has thin sheets of embellished and baked TLC gathered and folded like fabric as part of her dress. She has a music box inside her base. Then there is Prim Elephant. Prim Elephant is my re-creation of a fabric-made American Primitive elephant I saw in a magazine. Baby Elephant is desperate to fly. He comes with wings and a propeller hat. And I have Debbie Elephant with her Wagon. Like Private Bruin, she has a magnetic butt keeping her attached to her wagon in the event of an accidental tip-over. Florence, Googley Eyes, Prim, and Baby Elephant have all been re-homed. Waltzing Matilda and Debbie continue to keep me company in my studio. For a full view of each of the elephants in lightbox, click on any of the elephants in the slideshow.

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