Howard O. Rabbit and Clayathon 2016

Howard O. Rabbit started out as a good bunny, trying to be cute and all but when I took him to Clayathon 2016 he matured into a cigar-smoking, mob-boss wannabe rabbit thanks to the influence of my table mate, Eileen Cressman-Reeder. Personally, Clayathon 2016 became 5 days of education, camaraderie and productivity held at the Seaside Resort Hotel in Galloway, NJ.  This year’s guest instructor was Laura Tabakman who graciously shared her techniques and her great sense of humor with the group. The one unfortunate problem with  Clayathon is it happens only once a year.

Howard O. Rabbit
The Evolution of Howard O. Rabbit

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Also, thanks to Eileen for giving me a one-eyed polymer clay head thus making my drive home a bit difficult.