Polymer Art by Perrie Layton-Gimbel

Found Wood and A Polymer Clay “Fossil” — A Serendipitous Meeting?

Found Wood and A Polymer Clay “Fossil” — A Serendipitous Meeting?

Who would have thunk an old slab of weathered wood could turn into something really terrific? I’d been wanting to experiment the combining of polymer with wood. I found an old, weathered hunk of wood in an overgrown area of property nearby my home. I cleaned it up and matched it with a “leaf fossil” I made with polymer clay. The matching of the two pieces was totally serendipitous. The fact that the bottom of my “fossil” closely matches the weathered curve of the wood proves they were meant to be together. It only goes to show me that experiments I make from my Premo stash often have a surprising use later. Unfortunately that discovery makes me hesitant to throw anything away ‘cuzz you never know. The wood is about 12 x 5 x 1.5 inches. There is a 1 inch block of wood between the polymer and the found wood for added dimension. A D-ring is on the back for hanging.

Wood and Polymer Clay

Christmas in July?

Hi all, I know whenever I watch presidential conventions I can’t help but be reminded that the Holidays are just around the corner. Make an early dent in your Christmas shopping lists by joining me at the Grand Eastonian Hotel in fabulous downtown Easton where I’ll be participating in the Christmas in July Arts sale… Continue Reading