Three Little Birds + 4

Tree Little Birds + 4This piece came to me when I was outside walking Mortimer.  Walking a cat can be a slow, tedious process and gives me time to look around and find interesting stuff. I found this stick with just the right amount of bends and breaks to support a small flock of polymer clay birds. I painted an old frame with Golden titanium white acrylic mixed with coarse pumice gel. The frame gave my birds on a branch a support and added interest. I often use Golden’s coarse pumice gel mixed with white acrylic paint to make wool on sheep or give Santa his prickly beard or to create a nice snowy effect on anything. If you haven’t tried it check it out to create a rough texture on a painted surface.  It works well mixed with Golden acrylic paint and applied to cured polymer.

With a nod to Bob Marley and his song, “Three Little Birds” my piece is titled “Three Little Birds + 4.” And remember don’t worry ’bout a thing ’cause every little thing’s gonna be alright!”

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