Pvt. Bruin

Private Bruin and wagon
Private Bruin and Wagon

This little bear has a magnetic butt allowing him to stick to his wagon. I got the idea of using magnets for my little characters when I watched a demo on how to make magnetic polymer clay clasps for jewelry. I’ve discovered that everyone no matter the age love little toys that can be manipulated. Movable arms and legs, on the wagon, off the wagon, turn the wagon upside down and Private Bruin is still there. We never seem to lose that little kid inside us.

Pvt. Briun is all polymer except the fancy puff on his garrison hat. He has a night light to support his innards and aluminum foil inside his head. His wagon is match box covered with polymer clay with mismatched wheels. Just an FYI if you want to try this at home. Magnets cannot be heated, they have to be added after your pieces are baked so some pre-planning is involved. Have questions, email me at mortimerinc.studio@gmail.com.


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