All in for Inro


Diane, Mikki and Roberta's Inro boxes
Diane, Mikki and Roberta’s Inro boxes 


Roberta, Mikki and Diane were scheduled in January to learn how to transfer laser copied images onto polymer clay. After I showed them an example of a transfer I had used to make an Inro Box, they became excited to learn about Inro Box construction.  To simplify the construction of our boxes because of time, we made our boxes with a flat bottom and inner walls to allow for the box to stand and still hold a small object. Considering the difficulty of the laser transfer technique and the proper construction of a very small box, I think Roberta, Mikki and Diane did an amazing job. As always we had a good time creating our objects d’art along with the shared experience of practicing new techniques.

My little Inro
My little Inro

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